Thursday, March 8, 2012
Meet the Marketing Squad

The Marketing Squad stars in "The Most Professional Video Shoot EVER!" (Give me a break. I'm a writer.)

Nathan Richie, Scott Hepburn and Brandon Uttley a crew otherwise known as The Marketing Squad visited the chamber on March 7 to share some of their expertise with chamber members. The Marketing Squad presents a biweekly podcast (or as they say #squadcast) that covers social media, marketing and public relations. The visit to the chamber was part of their "Live on Location!" road show that can be found pulling people aside for interviews at local social media events and may soon visit a business near you.

Some of the tips they shared with Charlotte Chamber members include:

  • Personal branding is an important networking tool. Make sure your social media presence conveys a consistent message. Buy your own domain name, and use it as a platform to help people find you online and to connect with you in real life. For example, Nathan owns and redirects it to a free page. Use tools like Google Alerts, TweetAlarm and HyperAlerts to see when people are talking about you online.
  • Blogger relations can be an important part of your public relations and marketing tool kit. They keyword there is "relations." Get to know the bloggers in your industry, what they like to write about, what their hot buttons are, etc., and stay in touch even when you don't necessarily have something you want them to write about. Read their posts and comment when appropriate. Link to your blog from theirs to help promote them. And if you don't have a blog, think hard about starting one to help keep your website content fresh and dynamic. Some resources you should check out from Scott include When Should Brands Pay Bloggers? and Blogger Outreach Confusion Hurts Brands and Bloggers.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps potential customers find you online and should be a high priority in your marketing program. Some of the most important elements of your SEO strategy are your page titles, content, images (or rather the tags you embed in their metadata) and links. Brandon suggests visiting SEMrush and SEObook for additional information and resources. And of course, check out the Command Partners blog for information on everything from SEO to scary clowns (*shudder*).

View their slides here. If you have a marketing rant to share on the squadcast, send a message to @MktgSquad via Twitter or visit them on Facebook.

by Melisa LaVergne, Director of Communications


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