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BusinessFirst Charlotte is a problem-solving program for the local business community.

Created in 2006, BusinessFirst Charlotte is a partnership between the City of Charlotte and the Charlotte Chamber focused on helping businesses located in Charlotte-Mecklenburg solve problems. We enlist City and Chamber staff, as well as volunteer ambassadors, to visit business owners to hear first-hand about their everyday problems and help identify solutions.

Since the program’s inception, we have met with more than 2,700 companies and worked on over 350 requests for assistance.

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Easy and Convenient

BusinessFirst Charlotte volunteer ambassadors meet face-to-face with executives, owners and key decision makers in a wide array of business and industry.

During a 30-minute meeting at your office, volunteers inquire about various aspects of your local operation including your workforce, facility and supplies as well as local business climate factors such as public services, education, tax structure and the overall quality of life. Providing this information gives us a chance to identify your business needs and identify areas where we can lend assistance.

Best yet, you now have one point of contact for your business questions and issues. No more trying to navigate around governmental agencies, utilities and municipalities searching for an answer, just call your BusinessFirst Charlotte representative.

The Goal

The goal of our personalized meetings is threefold: to solve business problems, identify challenges, and to thank you for doing business in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

What’s in it for me?

As a participant in BusinessFirst Charlotte, you will be invited to our annual meeting where we provide a comprehensive year-end report on our findings. You also will receive updates on business issues and opportunities identified during your visit. And, you will be part of a larger business leadership group that helps shape the policies and future of Charlotte.

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We want to hear from all kinds of businesses. We're especially interested in learning about companies that are:

  • Encountering barriers to business growth
  • Considering a facility expansion
  • Experiencing infrastructure, utility or security issues
  • Having difficulty navigating local land development and/or regulatory processes
  • Considering acquiring another company, being acquired or merging
  • Having difficulty finding qualified personnel

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