2007 saw the official launch of the Charlotte Chamber’s first Diversity Advisory Cabinet (DAC). This cabinet will act as an advisory arm to the Charlotte Chamber’s leadership, ensuring a Chamber that is diverse, inclusive and relevant today and into the future.

The foundation established by these Chamber leaders sets the stage for action in 2008. We owe a special thanks to Mary Tribble of Tribble Creative Group and Vince Berkeley of Compass Group, USA for agreeing to lead this very significant charge. Many thanks are also due to Pat Riley in his 2007 role as first vice chair of the Executive Committee for leading the way for future first vice chairs to serve as active members of the DAC.

The Charlotte Chamber’s diversity agenda would not be possible without the continued, generous support provided by sponsoring companies in the Charlotte Chamber’s annual Total Revenue Campaign. In this yearend report you will see your investment in action, shaping a Chamber where diversity and inclusion are an integral part of its fabric.

In October 2007, the Charlotte Chamber and its ethnic/ international chamber partners commemorated a significant milestone by signing letters of agreement during a luncheon hosted by The Palm. The agreement creates member value for members of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Black Chamber of Commerce, the Carolinas Asian American Chamber of Commerce, the German American Chamber of Commerce and the Latin American Chamber of Commerce by providing membership in each of the respective chambers and the Charlotte Chamber at a reduced cost.

The agreement is also significant because it establishes a major step forward in building relationships between each of our respective chambers and positions us to work collaboratively to ensure a strong, vibrant local economy that supports the creation and growth of diverse businesses.

In closing, 2007 was a year of significant milestones for the Charlotte Chamber. Our strides forward in the areas of diversity and inclusion are among them and set the stage for even greater opportunities in the year ahead. I look forward to the continued progress and building a Charlotte business community that forges new ground.

Thank you for your continued involvemnet and support,

Bob Morgan

Diversity Advisory Cabinet

2007 saw the Charlotte Chamber’s Diversity Advisory Cabinet take shape and set an ambitious agenda to act as an advisory, support system to the Charlotte Chamber’s leadership and to impact decisions positively by bringing added, diverse perspective. In effect, this group acts as an internal consultant on matters of diversity and inclusion. Desired results from the work of the DAC are to strengthen the core of the Charlotte Chamber’s mission pillars by:

  • Establishing standards relative to diversity and inclusion in all Chamber activities
  • Organizing the Charlotte Chamber’s resources, providing strategic guidance and linkage
  • Creating the compelling business case for a diverse and inclusive Charlotte Chamber
  • Increasing diverse membership growth
  • Improving trust in the Charlotte Chamber among diverse groups

The core team of committed Charlotte Chamber volunteers worked diligently throughout the year to lay a foundation upon which to build a diverse and relevant chamber in an increasingly diverse marketplace.

Members of that team are:
Mary Tribble, Tribble Creative Group – Co Chair
Vince Berkeley, Compass Group – Co Chair
Pat Riley, Allen Tate – Chair, Charlotte Chamber Executive Committee
Brenda Anderson, Galilee Agency - Charlotte Chamber Executive Committee
Astrid Chirinos, Diverso Global Strategies - Charlotte Chamber Board of Directors

It is important to point out that part of the commitment of the Chamber’s leadership is to have the Charlotte Chamber’s first vice chair as a standing committee member to ensure continuity and connectivity to the Charlotte Chamber’s Executive Committee. A special thank you to Pat Riley as the DAC’s first, first vice chair to serve and set the tone for future first vice chairs.

For more information please contact Keva Walton, SVP Strategic Partnerships.