Healthy Charlotte Commitment Form

I believe that a healthy workforce leads to a more productive workforce, and ultimately, to a healthier community.

I support the Charlotte Chamberís Healthy Charlotte initiative and its vision to elevate Charlotte to be one of the healthiest communities in the country. Through small step changes, I will help create a culture of health and well-being throughout my workplace.

Being a Healthy Charlotte Champion means I will utilize the Healthy Charlotte Employer Toolkit to implement at least one program around fostering healthier food and beverage choices, increasing physical activity among employees and/or reducing tobacco use.

I look forward to partnering with Healthy Charlotte to work together to foster a culture of health and well-being for all.

Please fill out the form below to commit to a healthier workplace.

Total No. of Participating Employees
Our company/organization is committed to engaging our employees with the following initiatives:
 Fostering healthier food and beverage choices (i.e.; TryIt! Tuesdays)
 Increasing physical activity (i.e.; Walking Wednesdays)
 Reducing tobacco use (i.e.; Great American Smokeout)

Our company/organization would like to learn more about policy and environmental change opportunities:

Fostering healthier food and beverage choices
 Improve vending beverages and/or foods
 Improve onsite/offsite catering offerings
 Institute healthy food and beverage policy
Reducing tobacco use
 Institute tobacco-free worksite policy
 Implement or assure access to programs/support for quitting tobacco use.
Increasing physical activity
 Implement and/or enhance physical space to promote health (workout spaces)
 Institute walking meetings
 Encourage active employee breaks

Thank you for your commitment. You will be contacted by a Healthy Charlotte Ambassador soon.
Please download the Healthy Charlotte Employer Toolkit at