The YPs, the Charlotte Chamber Young Professional Awards, honor 21-39 year old professionals in the following categories: Young Professional Newcomer, Entrepreneur, Nonprofit Leader, Educator, Business Leader and Public Servant. Award finalists will be chosen from the pool of applicants/nominees and the winners will be announced at The YPs awards event on April 8, 2015 at The NASCAR Hall of Fame. One nominee will be honored as The Young Professional of the Year.


Young Professional Newcomer
The YP Newcomer of the Year honors an individual who has worked and lived in the Charlotte area for less than three (3) years and has already made significant strides in his/her profession and contributions to the larger community. The nominee is regarded by his/her peers and colleagues as a future leader that has already made a professional mark and a positive impact in a limited amount of time.

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Young Professional Educator
The YP Educator honors an individual who is a dedicated teacher, professor or administrator who has made a tremendous impact in the educational institution and community in which they serve. The nominee not only contributes to the academic success of their students, but also helps to prepare them for a successful life as productive citizens in our society.

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Young Professional Entrepreneur
The YP Entrepreneur of the Year honors an individual who is a founder or co-founder of a start-up and/or entrepreneurial enterprise with at least a two (2 -year track record in Charlotte. The nominee has demonstrated visionary leadership and has contributed to the development of Charlotte’s entrepreneurial community. This individual has made civic responsibility a core practice in their business, as well as their personal life.

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Young Professional Nonprofit Leader
The YP Nonprofit Leader of the Year honors an individual who has exemplified leadership in the social and civic arena. The nominee is an employee of a non-profit organization, and is a proven leader of people and/or projects. This individual has supported and led causes outside of their professional role to help enhance the overall Charlotte community.

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Young Professional Business Leader
The YP Business Leader of the Year honors an individual that has demonstrated exceptional business practices in his/her respective field. This individual works diligently to advance a healthy business environment and collaborates with the Charlotte Chamber and other business organizations to grow Charlotte’s economy. In addition to their professional contributions, the nominee has also served the community as a civic leader.

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Young Professional Public Servant
The YP Public Servant is a government employee or elected official who provides exemplary service to the citizens of Charlotte-Mecklenburg. This individual advocates for the greater good of the community and rises above partisan divisions with a sense of fairness and integrity. Beyond their governmental work, the nominee serves the community through their passion and commitment to civic causes.

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