Does the Cost of Recycling Impact Your Business?
Published Tuesday, April 23, 2013
by Lourdes Zapata

Mecklenburg County, in accordance with the 2012 Solid Waste Management Plan, is considering making changes to the Source Separation Ordinance (business recycling law). These changes could include lowering the threshold of who the law impacts, reducing or removing current exemptions or expanding the number of materials affected. Mecklenburg County has created a taskforce of small business leaders and industry representatives to study these potential changes. The taskforce has requested up-to-date data regarding costs to small businesses.

Towards this goal, the county will be contracting with a consultant, DSM Environmental Services, who will be conducting phone surveys with small businesses on their current volume of trash and recycling services, along with the associated costs. The phone survey will be conducted the week of April 29. If you or another business that you work with would be interested in participating in a phone survey (completely anonymous), please contact Lexin Murphy at 704.432.0400. This is the best way to get your voice heard if you think recycling is more expensive or more important than the county realizes.

All participants will be entered into a drawing to win a new Kindle Fire.

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