Orr Headlines Quarterly Economic Development Breakfast
Published Thursday, June 6, 2013
by Natalie Dick

Charlotte Douglas International Aviation Director, Jerry Orr has never been one to mince words – and he offered up the same sarcastic wit this week at the chamber’s quarterly economic development breakfast. With his typical deadpan delivery, Orr discussed his views on a wide range of topics from the impact of the US Airways/American merger to the growing demand for international flights to the intermodal facility. Interestingly, Orr didn’t broach the topic of the airport’s future management and not one question about it was posed by any of the 80 plus businesspeople in the audience.

“Charlotte is eighth busiest airport in the country and there are two reasons why,” Orr pointed out. “It is because of our geographic location and the ultra-low boarding cost per passenger.” That’s the amount airlines must pay the airport for doing business here. By contrast, it cost US Airways $1 per boarding passenger. At New York’s Kennedy Airport and in Miami, the price is around $22 per boarding passenger.

While Charlotte is a shining star on the domestic front for US Airways, Orr said demand for domestic air travel is expected to remain flat in the coming years. Travel to developing countries and international markets are where future growth is predicted. So what does that mean for Charlotte? Orr says it is something that needs serious consideration.

You can hear his remarks about the domestic/international challenges ahead in this video.

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