Aviation Committee

Chair: Paisley Gordon Jr., CPG Real Estate, Inc.

Focus: The committee meets with representatives from Charlotte Douglas airport and USAirways to ensure we maintain an environment that supports the growth that has led to our economic development successes.

Aviation Committee Mission: This committee’s mission is to represent the business interests of our number one economic development asset, Charlotte Douglas International Airport and its primary carrier American Airlines, via strategic partnerships and legislative advocacy to ensure we maintain an environment that supports continued growth and the airport’s global access.

Membership: Members are those who have working relationships with either entity as well as business leaders who want to aid in the advocacy efforts to support Charlotte’s #1 asset – the airport. Membership is open to anybody who is an active Chamber member.

Meeting Dates: February 24, June 9, August 4, October 20, December 15. Dates are subject to change, please check back.
The April 7 meeting as been canceled for Aviation Panel at 2015 Transportation Infrastructure Summit.

Expectations of Committee Membership: Committee members are expected to advance the committee’s mission among the Executive Committee and other Chamber members, and represent points of advocacy that have been agreed upon by the committee and approved by the Chamber Executive Committee or Board of Directors. Committee members will be asked to attend Charlotte City Council and community meetings related to airport matters; and to engage with local, state and federal elected officials as well as business leaders to advocate for strategic growth and continued low-cost operations at CLT. In addition, the Committee will be charged with hosting a yearly event with recognized, national speakers from the aviation community, in order to advance an awareness of aviation locally.

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Past Agenda Items:

  • February 24, 2015: The committee heard an update from Brent Cagle of Charlotte Douglas International Airport, on the airport’s Master Plan and Tracy Montross of American Airlines, gave an update on the sales tax cap on jet fuel. Paisley Gordon of CPG Real Estate Inc., the Aviation Committee's newest chair, opened and closed the meeting.


  • On Tuesday, February 24, 2015, Aviation Committee members were urged to advocate on several issues: the expiration of the sales tax cap on jet fuel with state legislators; transportation infrastructure funding, specifically a new control tower, with members of Congress; and educating co-workers and friends about the positive impacts the hub operation has on our economy. According to the nonpartisan Tax Foundation, commercial jet fuel should be excluded from the retail sales tax base because it is a business input. Applying the sales tax to commercial jet fuel creates tax pyramiding, especially in an industry like aviation, which has large excise taxes at multiple points along the production chain.

    Today, it is cheaper for American Airlines to buy fuel in Texas, Arizona, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia than in North Carolina, even with the sales tax cap in place. North Carolina already excludes the sale of diesel fuel to railroad companies and maritime businesses from the retail sales tax base. Without legislative action, North Carolina could have the fifth highest jet fuel tax in the nation. As reported in the legislative blog, this issue is included in House Bill 117. Please contact members of the Mecklenburg Legislative Delegation to urge their support of efforts to address the expiring sales tax cap on jet fuel in order to keep Charlotte-Douglas International Airport competitive for commercial aviation.

    Contact information for the Mecklenburg Legislative Delegation can be found by clicking here.


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