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Lawmakers Wrap Up Work for Official Adjournment 

Almost three weeks since the General Assembly left Raleigh, the House and Senate continue to debate the terms of an official adjournment resolution. With the measures in limbo, the legislative session will not officially adjourn until possibly Tuesday, August 19. Click here to read this week's legislative blog for full details. The blog is brought to you by the chamber's lobbyist, Kerri Burke of McGuireWoods Consulting LLC.

Unemployment Insurance Debt Lowers and Repayment Accelerates 

With updated figures released last week, the state has paid off $2 billion in its unemployment insurance debt and is on schedule to pay off the full amount earlier than expected. North Carolina still owes the federal government $597 million, which started as initial debt of $2.5 billion owed in January 2013. The previous debt payoff target was by November 2015, but is expected now to be paid off by August 2015.

Aviation Committee Meeting 

The Aviation Committee met Tuesday, August 19, at at the chamber. Jack Christine, interim deputy aviation director of Charlotte Douglas International Airport, gave an update on the airport noise changes expected as the Airport Noise Compatibility Program is updated as required by the FAA. In addition, Tracy Montross of American Airlines provided further detail on the tax issues facing the airline. 

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Vote Yes for Bonds Campaign 

Three bonds will be on the ballot for voter approval on November 4. The bonds will fund infrastructure improvements that will lead to improved economic activity in our community and include transportation projects, neighborhood improvements and housing. The Vote Yes for Bonds campaign team will work to educate the community about the benefits of voting yes. If you have a speaking opportunity, a place to put a yard sign or want to work a polling place, please contact Elizabeth Barnhardt at To provide a campaign contribution or to volunteer on the campaign team, contact Natalie English at 704.378.1332.

Save the Date - 2014 Technology Summit 

Technology changes very rapidly, and with that comes needed changes in strategic planning, staffing and training. Join us for the 2014 Technology Summit on Friday, September 19, at The Ballantyne Hotel and Lodge, to hear from CIO, consulting firms and education leaders. Speakers will talk about changes coming in technology, the way companies are currently responding and how they will need to do so in the future. Click here to register for this event.

Transportation Committee Meeting 

The Transportation Committee is scheduled to meet Wednesday, August 27, at 8 a.m. at the chamber. The committee will host Louis L. Mitchell, division 10 engineer with the North Carolina Department of Transportation, who will provide an update regarding Interstate 77 and the addition of managed lanes. This event is free to members, but registration is required.

Click here to register for this event.

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