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Last Chance to Register - 2014 Technology Summit 

Don't forget to register for the 2014 Technology Summit! Join us this Friday, September 19, at The Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge, to hear from CIOs, consulting firms and education leaders. Speakers will talk about changes coming in technology, the way companies are currently responding and how they will need to do so in the future.

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Vote Yes for Bonds Campaign 

Make sure you register to vote and support the Vote Yes for Bonds campaign. The deadline to register to vote in the state of North Carolina is Friday, October 10. Election day will be November 4. Three bonds will be on the ballot for voter approval, which will fund infrastructure improvements that will lead to improved economic activity in our community and include transportation projects, neighborhood improvements and housing. The Vote Yes for Bonds campaign team will work to educate the community about the benefits of voting yes. If you have a speaking opportunity, a place to put a yard sign or want to work a polling place, please contact Elizabeth Barnhardt at To provide a campaign contribution or to volunteer on the campaign team, contact Natalie English at 704.378.1332.

Land Use Committee Meeting 

The Land Use Committee is scheduled to meet Wednesday, September 24, at 8 a.m. at the chamber. The committee will host Dena R. Diorio, Mecklenburg County manager, who will provide an update on the improvements toward the permitting and inspections processes. She will also give an update on the Post-Construction Controls Ordinance (PCCO) mitigation fee extension, which will go before council in October. This event is free to committee members, but registration is required.

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Workplace Issues Committee Meeting 

The Workplace Issues Committee is scheduled to meet Thursday, October 2, at 8 a.m. at the chamber to hear from three representatives of the U.S. Chamber’s Workforce Freedom Initiative (WFI): Clark Thomason, U.S. Chamber Southeast Region; Glenn Spencer, vice president; and Ted Phlegar, senior counselor. The group has been traveling around the country to educate state and local chambers and business leaders about the impact of union activity on employers. This event is free to committee members, but registration is required.

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Stormwater Catch Basin Inserts Discussion at the Environmental Committee Meeting 

On September 10, the City of Charlotte's Environmental Committee met to discuss catch basin inserts and the City of Charlotte's Operations Plan. Darryl Hammock of the city's engineering and property management department provided information on the stormwater catch basin inserts, which remove secondary pollutants such as oil, grease and trash. State law and the federally issued permit required the city to address primary pollutants, which include suspended sediments, excess phosphorus, nitrogen and bacteria. Since catch basin inserts do not remove significant quantities of primary pollutants, the installation would be in addition to the current mitigation fees. After much discussion among committee members, there were questions to be answered and a request for public input. The first hearing will be on Monday, September 22. Stay tuned for more information as questions are answered.

City Council Economic Development Committee Discusses Energy Strategy and Eastland Mall Redevelopment

The Charlotte City Council Economic Development and Global Competitiveness Committee met on Thursday, September 4, to move discuss two key areas. Rob Phocas of Neighborhood and Business Services presented a plan to accelerate economic growth of energy-related companies and suppliers in Charlotte. The plan recommends the following: seeking opportunities to raise Charlotte's energy profile nationally and internationally, promoting facilities and operations as learning laboratories for new energy-related technology and supporting alternative financing tools for energy efficiency. Council will consider adoption of the full energy strategy for next year at a future business meeting.

The committee also discussed at length next steps in planning the redevelopment of the Eastland Mall site after the expiration of the memorandum of understanding with Studio Charlotte Development, LLC. The committee heard from Patrick Mumford of Neighborhood and Business Services, who recommended additional feasibility and site planning to be detailed in a report presented to Council in early 2015. To learn more about the Eastland Mall redevelopment plans, click here.