Program of Work

With united vision and bold action, we will create the most vibrant, innovative and healthy economy in the nation.

We enthusiastically collaborate to promote and advance the Charlotte region, creating opportunity, economic growth and prosperity for all.

2017 Program of Work
Those acknowledged as strategies represent components of the Regional Economic Strategic Plan, produced in partnership with the Charlotte Regional Partnership.


  • Appoint Executive Committee Member to focus on economic opportunity to lead chamber engagement on this issue.
  • Provide opportunities for education, engagement and relationship-building through events designed to deliver clear value to participants.
  • Provide industry, affinity and geographic specific engagement opportunities through chapters and councils.
  • Strategy 3.1: Support effective and efficient coordinating of regional workforce development efforts to address market demands and clearly measure collective impact.
  • Strategy 3.1: Actively engage in aligning talent and workforce strategies to augment economic growth with demonstrable measures of impact.
  • Drive inclusion and grow engagement with new opportunities for all to access tools to drive business success.
  • Overall Strategy: In conjunction with the Charlotte Regional Partnership, lead the implementation and funding effort of the Regional Economic Strategic Plan.
  • Strategy 1.1: Support the Charlotte Regional Partnership in the refreshing of the Charlotte USA brand and creation of integrated tools and media relations.
  • Strategy 2.3: Support K-12 schools in the creation of entrepreneurship awareness programs in schools across the region.
  • Strategy 3.4: Support UNC Charlotte to grow higher education student enrollment and research capacity across the region.
  • Launch a new CRM and app to enable greater customization and delivery of value, as well as to improve data to drive benefit development and organizational effectiveness.
  • Launch revised Career Connection program to cultivate diverse, early-talent in target industries/professions with talent pipeline gaps (2017 focus on accounting, audit, tax and related professions).
  • Strategy 4.3: With the Charlotte Regional Partnership, expand infrastructure and strengthen connections to global markets.
  • Strategy 2.1: Establish an Entrepreneurs-in-Residence Roundtable to identify entrepreneurial growth prospects and resources to accelerate their growth.
  • Strategy 2.1: Explore expansion of angel and venture capital opportunities and connect major companies with startup/minority startup community.
  • Strategy 2.3: Help develop Charlotte’s entrepreneurial exposure, brand and messaging, including consideration of an online information resource for entrepreneurs and exploration of growth-oriented business recruitment strategy.
  • Advocate at the federal, state and local levels for investments in infrastructure.
  • Meet all revenue and expense management targets.
  • Expand engagement and connectivity by increasing relationships (defined as active listings in the CRM).
  • Strategy 3.3: Support the Opportunity Task Force’s efforts and operationalize applicable priorities.
  • Strategy 4.1: Develop and implement strategy for regional policy initiatives in collaboration with the Charlotte Reginal Partnership and chambers across the region.
  • Strategy 4.1: Convene and coordinate with other urban chambers in NC to protect revenue sources and investments.
  • Reach deeper within member organizations to engage and serve employees.
  • Develop new, relevant and surprising ways of communicating with a broader audience through social media, chamber publications, roadshows and other creative outlets.


  • Take lead role in driving collaboration and convening key audiences to address community issues that have the potential to impact the health of the Charlotte economy.
  • Provide professional growth opportunities that drive innovation, customer service and cross-functional engagement to chamber team members.
  • Launch expanded initiatives to develop, engage, recruit and retain talent on the chamber team.
  • Improve data collection and analysis for both external and internal customers, delivering greater value and insight.
  • Launch and manage an Innovation Taskforce consisting of volunteers and team members to continually challenge the model and deliverables of the chamber.


  • Grow Charlotte’s economy by contributing to the creation of 2150 jobs and $210 million in capital investment through international, local and domestic recruitment and expansion, as well as develop additional metrics that will broaden our definition of economic growth.
  • Foster professional development and engagement for young professionals, women and emerging leaders through CCYPs, Emerging Business Leaders and Power of Women programs.
  • Strategy 1.2: In conjunction with the Charlotte Regional Partnership, create and maintain a joint annual marketing plan to coordinate economic development efforts.
  • Ensure investors receive optimal service through Investor Relations Manager program and increased outreach in well-run, efficient campaign.