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Monday, March 26, 2018
From One Entrepreneur to Another: Join the Chamber to Grow Your Business and Make Serious Connections

Chambers of Commerce have been the primary civic organizations that I’ve chosen to be deeply involved with for about eight years now. First it was with the Greater Miami Chamber, and now with the Charlotte Chamber. I started as a general member four years ago when I first moved to the city. I knew it was a great place to start to help with getting acclimated to the business client, and to meet and network with local professionals. For the past year and a half, I’ve been serving on the board of the CCYP’s (Charlotte Chamber Young Professionals) as well. 

Being a member of the chamber has had a dramatic impact on my business. Every year that I’ve been involved, my company has experienced a tangible financial ROI above what the dues and time commitment has been. Not only does it provide credibility and exposure, but it also fosters close relationships with centers of influence, key decision makers, and tremendous referral sources in the community that will play a significant role in the growth of my business for decades to come.

Then again, like everything, you only get out what you put into it. If you assume that just filling out a membership application is enough, you’ll likely be disappointed. But, if and when you do decide to give it a shot, I will personally help get you plugged in and to learn the lay of the land. It’s my goal that when you eventually look back, you will undoubtedly know that it was worth the investment.

For full transparency, I am currently actively participating in the chamber’s current fundraising campaign to help recruit new members and sponsors. Even if I wasn’t, I’d still be a strong advocate for recommending every Charlotte area business to become involved in some capacity.

There are so many incredible ways to get involved. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I, along with members of the chamber staff, will make sure that you get value out of it and that you’ll be glad you did.

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Monday, July 10, 2017
Why Young Professionals Must Do Their Part

Connect, Innovate and Grow is an apt tagline for a young professional (YP) doing business in Charlotte today. The city and surrounding communities are growing at a record-setting pace due, in large part, to the number of YPs relocating to the area. This means that thousands of YPs are working every day to make Charlotte their home/their own while starting new careers. Below are thoughts on how YPs can assimilate into the business community while, at the same time, influencing and shifting that same community forward as a dynamic economic engine for the region.

A connection is transactional; it is a handshake and the exchange of a business card. So many professionals (young as well as…not young) operate under the false assumption that to succeed in Charlotte you must collect as many business cards as you can. But to connect is a mindset – it is more than an interaction. It means making a long-lasting commitment to something bigger than oneself in hopes that there is a special bond created. When I first moved to Charlotte one of my mentors (didn’t know they were my mentor yet) greeted me with “Welcome to Charlotte, now where are you going to get involved?” There was no political spin to this, no requirement that I do the same things she was doing; instead, it was career advice that in order to be successful in Charlotte I needed to play my part in making Charlotte successful. Young professionals need to be fully aware that the leaders of today are most accessible while they are out serving the community as members of the chamber or as volunteers at one of the hundreds of other nonprofits our city supports. The most effective way for you to make the sustainable connection with business leaders outside of work is to connect with them while serving our community.

Once YPs have found our way into becoming a part of Charlotte’s business network, we must be leaders in innovating and growing our city so that it represents the best of all our citizens. Innovation is a buzz word that sounds harmless; who wouldn’t like positive change that makes something more effective, right? But change and growth do not come without their pain points, trials and failures. We see many young professionals in Charlotte stepping up in the entrepreneurial space as well as becoming leaders in the social and political movements of our city. As a community, we must empower young professionals to continue to engage with tough issues inside and outside of work so that YPs can gain real-world leadership experience. If Charlotte is truly going to grow into another major world city then it will be through the next generation of leaders. But only if YPs step up to the challenge and current business leaders support these efforts.

The advice to all young professionals is simple: Get involved in the community so that you can shape it into your community. You will meet business leaders all along that journey and the connections you make will help you innovate and grow personally, professionally and as a community.

Chris Turner serves as a Senior vice president at Bank of America and has been involved in many leadership positions throughout the city including as a current Charlotte Chamber Board Member, immediate past Chair of the CCYPs, Chamber Emerging Business Leaders, Chairman of the Mecklenburg County Republican Party, Vice Chairman of the Privatization/Competition Advisory Committee, Charlotte Family Housing Board Member, and Myers Park United Methodist Church Board of Advisors.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016
Get ready for beer. Selected by robots. But delivered by humans (for now...)

We are ready. We are finally launching our new retail product we’ve spent the last 18 months (Yes..EIGHTEEN months) perfecting. It’s taken a lot of research, listening, observing, and failures to get here. But, we’re here. And we’re so excited to share this with you!

Gosh, this took a while. We released an article on Charlotte Agenda back in April. We knew where we wanted to go, and we knew it would take a ton of work to get there. We had this idea, right? What if we could make it even easier for beer lovers to get the beer they want? What if we could get more beer into more people’s hands, and more often? What if we opened the doors to our inventory and made everything as transparent as possible? What if we could help brewers know who their customers are, before their customers even know they should be customers?

What if...

Well, that’s what we did. We actually made it easier for people to get the beer they don’t even know they want yet, while keeping everything transparent and open. Well, without giving away our secrets, of course. With BrewPublik’s new service, you get a curated 6pk to sample for $20 + tax (pro-tip: sign up this month to get your first six pack for $10!). Try them all. Get all up in their flavors and aromas. Swirl like a pro and decide what you like the most. Rate them in your customer profile and then order whatever sparks your interest. One? Sure! All 6? Well, that’s our goal and means we’re doing our job right.

We’ve even moved our beloved, yet sort of hard to deal with, Instagram bottle shop to to give you a different way to buy Reserve beers from us. Turns out, not all of our customers had Instagram accounts (lesson learned). Search by styles, find what you want, buy it on the spot, and we’ll deliver that too.

We’ve been deep in data for the last eight months. Deep. In. Data. We’ve tasted and rated enough beers to break the 3,500 mark. We’ve reorganized and recalibrated our robot, the Beergorithm, to even further identify the beer you should be drinking before you even know you should be drinking it. Basically, we’ve perfected our craft (oh yeah, pun definitely intended) to make sure that the beer we give you, is beer you want. Fancy that, huh?

On top of that, we made our premium service amazing and turned it into the Buyer’s Club. And that’s not just us being biased. As a Buyer’s Club member, you get access to all the rare and limited release beer you want. Unlike a bottle shop, we aren’t limited to the space on our shelves. If you want a case, we’ll get you a case. All you have to do is reply to an email we send you if you want it. Simple as that. It’s time to buy beer like it’s 2016. See what some current Buyer’s Club customers have to say.

“As you can see, this is a win-win situation that results in great beer being delivered to your doorstep!” J.B., blog

“My premium @brewpublik delivery for this month delivered to my doorstep! No lines, no waiting! Highly recommended!” @stoutwhisperer, Instagram.

“I'm looking forward to using your service. Getting involved with many bottle shares and don't have the time to travel or trade like some of my friends.” E.S., new customer.

Why did we do all of this?
For you. For the craft beer lover. It may have taken us a while, and we may have fallen flat on our faces a few times, ok more than a few times, but we learned. We listened. And we evolved. We are so confident that our new product is going to be exactly what you are looking for (or your friends - don’t forget the holidays are coming up and we do gifts too!) so test us out and get your 6pk for $10. We promise you’ll love the new BrewPublik and everything we have to offer.

Founded in December 2014 in Charlotte, NC, BREWPUBLIK introduces customers to new craft beer from around the world. With over 3,500 beers in their Beergorithm, they are able to find you new beers you’re sure to love based on your personal taste preferences. Since launching, BREWPUBLIK has expanded into enterprise delivery as well - ensuring small and large companies alike have beer everyone will love sourced and stocked in the beer fridge or at their next event. Now operating in Charlotte, Raleigh, Charleston and San Francisco, BREWPUBLIK delivers to over 2,000 individual clients and 200 corporate clients across four markets and continues to grow 15% month-over-month, with plans to expand to 10 additional markets by the end of 2017.

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Thursday, October 13, 2016
Holiday Parties Made Easy By BREWPUBLIK

BREWPUBLIK is your go-to partner for holiday parties and large events, whether it’s for the office, your local organization, or even just your neighbors. We offer more perks and benefits than any other company in town.

Best of all? It’s 100% curated to the preferences of your entire office - meaning everyone gets a beer they will like at the holiday party.

Don’t believe us? Scroll below and see for yourself!

We have over 3,500 craft beers available: We know, it’s an insane number to wrap your head around, but it’s true. The selections are endless, which is where the Beergorithm, our proprietary algorithm that figures out exactly what beers you need at your holiday party, comes in handy. Domestic or rare, we can find what you need.

What does this mean for you? Your holiday party will have the best beer on earth ready to be consumed by the best employees on earth. They work hard, reward them.

Have a crazy big party? That’s ok. We can service parties from 10 people to 10,000 people. It’s just a matter of you telling us how many people will attend and us letting you know how many kegs, bottles or cans you’ll need! Once we figure that out, we’ll bring in the kegs, set them up on ice, tap them, and make sure the beer is flowing. If it’s bottles and cans you want, we can make sure they are on ice in tubs or coolers. You just let us know what you prefer!

What does this mean for you? It means this is a 100% hands off task for you. You tell us what you need, we bring it, do all the grunt work, and that’s that!

Looking for something special? Just like the best DJs out there, we take requests. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll see what we can do. Want holiday-themed beer? Just let us know. Mad Elf by Troegs is always a crowd pleaser around the holidays.

What does this mean for you? If you are looking to match the beer with the theme of your party, we can make that happen. There are plenty of great beers out there that are perfect for holiday celebrations.

Did you totally forget about your office holiday party and you actually need this beer tomorrow?! Just reach out and we will make it happen! No sweat. Forget about it. We can take care of it and will.

This holiday season, give yourself one less thing to worry about and let BREWPUBLIK handle the office party beer needs. You will save time and everyone in the office will love getting to drink beer that has been curated to their specific tastes.

Click the button below and let us handle the beer for your party. We’ll be in touch within 24 hours to get the ball rolling. Happy holidays!


Charlotte Chamber member BREWPUBLIK is a homegrown start-up that that uses a proprietary “Beergorithm” to curate and deliver beer based on customer preference. They are leading a cultural movement to make beer a common feature of workplaces throughout the United States under the mantra #BeerMyOffice. BREWPUBLIK partners with local producers such as NoDa Brewing Co. and is helping to elevate the craft beer scene in Charlotte. Follow Brewpublik on twitter @brewpublik and use the hashtags #BeerMyOffice and #CLTbeer.

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Thursday, September 8, 2016
5 Reasons to Beer Your Office

The business climate in Charlotte has changed dramatically in the past decade, especially in the workplace. What used to be a primarily suit-and-tie and pant suit town for professionals, has given way to business casual and even casual in many of the offices in the city today. With changes in dress code, have come opportunities for new types of employee engagement, from bringing kids and dogs to work, ping pong and put-put on-site, and even drinking beer after-hours in the office – responsibly of course.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should bring beer to your workplace:

1. CELEBRATE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Drink beer for a purpose. And when you do it, do it over a few pints. It builds morale and let’s everyone know that they are crushing it at work.

“It definitely helps the culture to have huddles and celebrate accomplishments over beer.” — UNION

2. DRIVE COMPANY CULTURE: It’s not just about pounding pints in the office, it’s about creating a culture that people want to be a part of. Our friends over at UNION told us, “It helps support our culture for being fun and creative, and keeps things interesting.”

3. BOOST INSPIRATION: Studies have proven that beer actually helps free up your brain to think more creatively and be better at creative problem-solving. So really, you’re drinking beer at work to come up with that next million-dollar idea! These creative ideas happen naturally when the team loosens up at the end of a long day while enjoying a cold beer.

4. BECAUSE GOOGLE PLAY DOES: That’s right. Google Play out in California has signed up their office for curated craft beer delivery and they are loving it. Google is no newbie at building company culture or staying ahead of the trends so take this as a hint, BREWPUBLIK is good for everyone in the office.

5. INCENTIVE WORTH WORKING FOR: It is not uncommon for a company to provide free food to employees, but as the workday in many companies stretches past the typical closing time, more are seen stocking beer fridges or installing kegerators for a rotating selection of IPAs, stouts, pilsners, and more. As more millennials enter the professional workforce, the lines of work and social lives continue to blur and the need for more experience driven workplace perks, like a stocked craft beer fridge or premium kegs, continues to increase.

“Don't just 'put the beer in the office' or 'put in a kegerator.' Make it valuable to the team. Make it be something exciting that they work towards.” — Web Full Circle

Are you ready to beer your office and change your workplace culture? Read below to find out how BREWPUBLIK can help you do just that.


"We use BREWPUBLIK for all of our events because they make the purchase and delivery process seamless. I love the fact that I can call up our account manager and give him a rundown of the event and the audience, and he can take it from there. He puts a lot of care and attention into customizing a package that our guests will enjoy. With everything else going on the day of an event, it's nice to know that this is one less thing I have to worry about. The convenience factor is a huge plus!" — Katie Thomas, Office Manager at Skookum

Charlotte Chamber member BREWPUBLIK is a homegrown start-up that that uses a proprietary “Beergorithm” to curate and deliver beer based on customer preference. They are leading a cultural movement to make beer a common feature of workplaces throughout the United States under the mantra #BeerMyOffice. BREWPUBLIK partners with local producers such as NoDa Brewing Co. and is helping to elevate the craft beer scene in Charlotte. Follow Brewpublik on twitter @brewpublik and use the hashtags #BeerMyOffice and #CLTbeer.

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