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BusinessFirst Charlotte is a partnership between the City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County and the Charlotte Chamber that aims to help businesses located in Charlotte-Mecklenburg grow by connecting resources and assisting in problem-solving. We enlist city, county and chamber staff to visit business owners to learn first-hand about their everyday problems and help identify solutions.

In 2016, BusinessFirst Charlotte will meet face-to-face with executives, owners and key decision-makers in 100 high-growth companies.

During a 30-minute meeting, we will inquire about various aspects of their local operation, including workforce, talent and skill, growth plans and business challenges. Gathering this information gives us a chance to identify business needs and areas where we can be of assistance.

There is only one point of contact for each business. No more trying to navigate around governmental agencies, utilities and municipalities searching for an answer, just call your BusinessFirst Charlotte representative.

The Goal

The main goals of our personalized meetings are to solve business problems and support company growth in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

What’s in it for me?

You will have one point of contact for business resources and growth assistance. Through our one-on-one conversation, we can understand your business needs and determine solutions.

Schedule Your Visit

We're especially interested in learning about companies that are:

  • Encountering barriers to business growth
  • Considering a facility expansion
  • Experiencing infrastructure, utility or security issues
  • Having difficulty navigating local land development and/or regulatory processes
  • Considering acquiring another company, being acquired or merging
  • Having difficulty finding qualified personnel

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