Ballantyne Chapter Program of Work

Amanda Schuss, Chair

To provide leadership on public policy and economic issues for the business community of Ballantyne/South Charlotte and to increase value to Charlotte Chamber Ballantyne Chapter membership.


The Ballantyne Chapter board will effectively connect and communicate with members via:
1. Effective and Structured Networking at monthly events
2. Promotion of Ballantyne Chapter sponsorship opportunities
3. Programming topics that relate back to attributes of Ballantyne/South Charlotte utilizing impactful speakers
4. Continued partnership and promotion of Ballantyne Breakfast Club
5. Continued growth of Ballantyne Business Bash
6. Continued partnership with other Chapters and Bissell

Strategies and Measurable Outcomes

    Develop structured networking opportunities via board member and Connector participation at monthly membership
    Solicit area business members to sponsor monthly events and signature event.
    Monthly sponsorship goal: $4,050
    Ballantyne Business Bash Net goal: $8,065

Emily Stacks, Director, Engagement