Charlotte Regional Business Alliance Healthy Charlotte Employer Toolkit
Creating a culture of well-being for your workplace.

The Charlotte Regional Business Alliance’s Healthy Charlotte Council is excited to bring you this simple new toolkit that can help improve your employees’ health and wellness and also help create a culture of well-being throughout your workplace.

The steps to improved health and wellness outlined in these toolkit sections – fostering healthier food and beverage choices, increasing physical activity among employees and preventing tobacco use – follow best practices promoted by respected national organizations and are made available to you in this simple-to-use format.

We encourage you to take advantage of this unique, downloadable tool. Research has shown that promoting a workplace climate of health and wellness improves employee morale and productivity, while also helping to address the high cost of healthcare to your business.

Click here to download the entire toolkit or click on the icons below to select individual sections.

Foster healthier choices: A food and beverage guide for employers

Combat inactivity: A guide to get your employees moving

Go tobacco-free: A guide for helping your employees limit tobacco use