NorthWest Chapter Program of Work

Heath Prior, Chair

To provide leadership on public policy and economic issues for the business community of North/West Charlotte and to increase value to Charlotte Chamber NorthWest Chapter membership.

The NorthWest Chapter board will effectively connect and communicate with members by:

  1. Growing and strengthening NorthWest Chapter board leadership
  2. Educating members on area economic development updates at luncheons and on website and on email invitations
  3. Educating members on the Catawba River District initiatives. NorthWest Chapter Chair to continue service on Catawba River District Advisory Board
  4. Continue recognition as “Green Chapter” by bringing awareness of green initiatives and best practices to members via programming and partnerships with the Charlotte Chamber Green Committee

Action Items

    • Fundraising
      1. Continue to host Economic Development Conference October 2012 and net $2,225
      2. Solicit sponsorships for monthly events in the amount of
      3. $3,000 for the full year.
    • Charlotte Chamber Leadership Interaction
      1. Host the Charlotte Chamber Executive Committee Meeting in 2012: Heath Prior
      2. Chapter Chair or designee to attend Chamber Board of Advisor quarterly meetings: Heath Prior or Nicole Singletary
      3. Chapter Chair and/or 1st Vice Chair to participate in monthly conference Chapter Chair leadership meetings: Heath Prior, Nicole Singletary or Nan Gray
    • Inclusion
      1. Balance of board representation to include mix of small business owners, young professionals and diverse individuals/organizations
      2. Host one Survive and Thrive event
  • Membership
    1. Provide new member leads to Charlotte Chamber assigned sales associate and Charlotte Chamber Campaign team

Emily Stacks, Director, Engagement