Healthy Charlotte Commitment Form

I believe that a healthy workforce leads to a more productive workforce, and ultimately, to a healthier community.

I support the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance's Healthy Charlotte initiative and its vision to elevate Charlotte to become one of the healthiest communities in the country. Through this initiative, I will take the steps toward creating a culture of health and well-being in my workplace.

Being a Healthy Charlotte Champion means I will utilize the Healthy Charlotte Employer Toolkit to implement at least one program around fostering healthier food and beverage choices, increasing physical activity among employees and/or reducing tobacco use.

I look forward to partnering with Healthy Charlotte to foster a culture of health and well-being for all.

Please fill out the form below to pledge your support of one or more of our Healthy Charlotte initiatives.

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Total No. of Participating Employees (n/a for individuals):

Healthy Charlotte Initiatives

I am committed to engaging our employees with the following Healthy Charlotte initiatives:
 Try It Tuesdays (4 - 5 week campaign designed to foster healthier food and beverage choices)
 Walking Wednesdays (4 - 5 week walking campaign designed to increase step counts)
 Charlotte Strong (4 - 5 week campaign designed to increase any kind of physical activity)
 Great American Smokeout (3 week campaign leading up to dedicated day in November to support tobacco cessation through company communications)
 Open Streets (annual event supporting healthy and active lifestyles)

Policy and Environmental Changes

I would like to have a Healthy Charlotte Ambassador contact me regarding the following policy and environmental change opportunities:
 Fostering healthier food and beverage choices
 Increasing physical activities
 Reducing tobacco use

Thank you for your commitment. You will be contacted by a Healthy Charlotte Ambassador soon.
Please download the Healthy Charlotte Employer Toolkit at