Take the Pledge!

Thinking about “going green”? The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce is here to help!

Charlotte area businesses may sign up for the chamber’s GreenWorks “30-Day Going Green" Challenge.” This program provides a fun, easy and flexible platform for companies to explore green options that are designed to both save money and conserve our natural resources. Participants can use the lessons learned from taking this challenge to form the foundation for future greening efforts in their businesses.

How It Works

The 30-day pledge campaign challenges participants to integrate three new green strategies into their everyday business operations over the course of 30 consecutive days. There are no restrictions on which strategies a business can choose; we only ask that participants provide feedback on lessons learned, what they plan on sticking with, and any future “greening” efforts that they plan on initiating.

Businesses that are already “going green” can still take part in the pledge by adding three additional green measures to their portfolio. It is important to be creative; it is amazing how little things can have the biggest impact.

Benefits of Taking the Pledge

  • An eye-opening experience of how easy it is to integrate green principles in the workplace.
  • See firsthand how green actions can save your organization money.
  • Receive a chamber green mug.
  • Be featured on the GreenWorks website in the "30-Day Going Green Challenge" spotlight.
  • Your story may be featured on the chamber blog.

How to Participate in the "30-Day Going Green Challenge"

  • Complete this form below including your start date.
  • We also recommend that you spend a few moments reviewing our list of potential new green strategies.
  • Post to your Facebook and Twitter accounts that you are participating in the challenge and include #30daygreenpledge.
  • Once you have completed your 30-day pledge, report back on your experience and let us know which green strategies you will continue in your organization.

Click here to get ideas you can use for your pledge month >>

30-Day Challenge Successes
Over the course of this August for the Charlotte Chamber’s GreenWorks 30-Day Challenge, the CRVA team at Time Warner Cable Arena have implemented energy saving techniques to reduce our overall footprint. I am happy to report that by utilizing suggestions given with your initiative, we have successfully reduced the amount of energy frivolously wasted during the course of a work day. Techniques used range from turning off lights while away from an office to setting computers to sleep and turning power strips and computers off before leaving work. E-mails were sent out to all the members of our administrative team asking for their help in these energy saving goals. There was a resounding level of support from our team in helping to reduce wasted energy. Through a much more conscious effort by staff, we have reduced power usage in our offices and administration. Ultimately, the effects of these techniques can be clearly seen and the benefits are greatly accepted. With the success seen by our conscious actions to reduce, we at Time Warner Cable Arena plan to not only further uphold these initiatives but also implement others on a larger scale in the immediate future.

The CRVA Team at Time Warner Cable Arena
Caitlyn Hadley