Event Attendees - Data Lunch and Learn: Using Census Data for Business Insights April 2017

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Ms. Joanna Barber

GreerWalker LLP, Marketing Coordinator

Mr. Andrew Bowen

City of Charlotte, Data Program Coordinator

Ms. Alyssa Brown

Charlotte Works, Research & Performance Manager

Dr. Catherine Burr

University of Phoenix/Charlotte Campus, Director, Academic Affairs

Mr. Brian Capron

Kinetic Heights, Director

Mr. John Chesser

Mecklenburg County,

Ms. Renata Coker

Morris Media Network - Charlotte, Publisher

Ms. Allyson Colaco

CTE, Corporate Communications Specialist

Ms. Maggie Collister

Charlotte Center City Partners,

Ms. Shirley Cress Dudley

SCD Consulting Services, Founder & CEO

Ms. Akofa Dossou

Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, Analytics Associate

Mr. Christopher Finn

South Carolina I-77 Alliance, Director of Research & Marketing

Mr. Derek Foellmer

Portable Storage Systems, Inc., General Manager

Ms. Debra Franklin

Bicycle Oven Company, Owner/President

Mr. Chuck Gallant

Blythe Construction, Inc., Business Development Manager

Ms. Ashley Gerthoffer

Sonitrol Security Services, Inc., Marketing Coordinator

Mr. Gerald Green

RimGuard Xtreme, President

Mr. Chad Gunton

First Citizens Bank, Commercial Banking Associate

Ms. Leslie Hardwick

Lake Norman Economic Development, Economic Development Coordinator

Mr. Bryan Jorett

CNP Technologies, LLC, Sales

Ms. Gunda Knese

GreerWalker LLP, Director of Business Development

Mr. Christopher Adam Kozell, Jr


Ms. Lindsay McCarley

Aquesta Bank, Universal Banker

Mr. Ryan McDaniels

Lake Norman Economic Development, Executive Director

Ms. Jordan McElhany

AccruePartners, Sales Analyst

Mr. Chuck McShane

Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, Director of Research

Mr. Patrick Mieritz

Gallup, Inc., Consultant

Ms. Olga Muller

RMCSoft, LLC, Business Development Director

Yevgeniy V Nikitin

Bank of America,

Mr. Roland Omoresemi

Sapient, Director, Business Development