Brand Basics: Building a Customer-Worthy Brand - Survive & Thrive Breakfast April 2013

Date: 04/10/2013
Time: 7:30 am - 9:00 am
Location: Charlotte Chamber - Belk Action Center


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Do you understand your brand message? In today's busy world we need to mirror the strength of brands that are quickly identifiable. Branding and messaging are the ultimate keys to unlocking your target audience. Is your brand recognizable and your message clear? Join us for a tag-team presentation by Greg Johnson, president of BooneOakley, and Marcie Kelso, co-founder of Kelso Communications.

Gregg Johnson, President, BooneOakley
Marcie Kelso, Co-founder, Kelso Communications
Our speakers will explore how to build a stronger brand and message for your customers.

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