Member Testimonials

"Upon renewing my membership in the Charlotte Chamber, I was invited to the Legacy Club in recognition of my second year as a Chamber member. As a part of that acknowledgement, I was afforded the opportunity to use Chamber Capital to fund a complimentary exhibit table, at the May University City Chapter meeting. I also have the opportunity to exhibit at an upcoming Chamber Open House.

In a time when networking and presenting your business usually requires digging a bit deeper in the promotional budgets, it was a terrific opportunity to take advantage of the Legacy Club offers from the Chamber."
- John P. Connors, AAA Vacations

"Our membership in the Charlotte Chamber has been a wonderful boost to our business growth. The relationships with other members has brought referrals for new business and a greater awareness of the issues that interest our community."
- Brion Blais, SpeedPro

"We joined the Charlotte Chamber in 2012 to participate in the Power Up Challenge – and found there were many more reasons to stay members! We have gained exposure through participating in Power Up and speaking in front of hundreds of great businesses. We have attended countless events and made meaningful business connections. The broad extent of educational events, meet and greets and luncheons all allow us to meet decision-makers in the business community. We are finding that the resources provided by the chamber are key to growing our business."
- Hallie Hawkins, JD, Certified Credit Report Reviewer, Get It Together

"The Male Leadership Academy of Charlotte opened in the summer of 2012 and as the Head of School my responsibility was to help market and create an awareness of the schools mission and vision for the Charlotte community. Without hesitation, I decided that the school would join the Charlotte Chamber. It was one of best administrative decisions I made.

The Charlotte Chamber has presented opportunities to meet great people, develop relationships, and help our school to grow, without spending an enormous amount of our marketing budget. I have been able to meet people who were interested in the school and were able to pass along to friends, family, community leaders, and business partners what The Male Leadership Academy of Charlotte represents when educating boys. Networking at the Chamber events have opened doors to opportunities that included meeting senior executives, decision makers, and innovative thinkers that are looking for “outside” the box opportunities.

The Chamber membership has not only helped with meeting and networking, but my cost expenditures. For example, we have cut our cost in half by utilizing the saving plan that is set up with Office Depot. The Male Leadership Academy of Charlotte utilizes Office Depot for large copying, supplies, paper, etc. and the savings assist with budgeting.

The Male Leadership Academy of Charlotte and the Charlotte Chamber partnership is one that we will continue for years to come. I would suggest that if you are a member, that you attend as many functions and take advantage of meeting many of the Charlotte Chamber members. I believe that by us attending the events sponsored by the Charlotte Chamber, The Male Leadership Academy of Charlotte has become in the fore front as a “foot print” for educational change in the Charlotte community and will allow The Male Leadership Academy of Charlotte to be a known as an exceptional educational institution for young male scholars! "
- Todd Pipkin, Head of School, The Male Leadership Academy of Charlotte

"We joined the Charlotte Chamber last year after a business restructure to be a good community partner, to take time to refocus our business, and to make the best use of a limited marketing budget. We reviewed 2011 and realized that our membership benefit with Office Depot alone was worth the investment for 2012. In January, we saved 50 percent on one printing job and have two more in process. The printing discounts and small amounts saved on copy paper, ink and other supplies start to add up. I can truly say that the relationship with Office Depot is extremely valuable to small business. Thank you for your insight!"
- Deborah Barringer, Business Development Barringer & Barringer Landscape Services

“When we expanded our operations to Charlotte, the Chamber helped us network and develop new business relationships.  It provides numerous opportunities for you to meet new people and get involved in the Chamber's mission.”
- Renee Alexander Sherrod, TIAA-Cref

"My new chamber friends have proven that they know me, and they know my brand. This totally validates that chamber engagement leads to results."
- Heath Prior, WealthPlan Financial